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As your State Senator for District 9,

  • I will introduce legislation for the creation of a ‘blue ribbon’ commission to conduct a thorough review of New Hampshire’s tax system, and to make recommendations on how we can make the system fair for all citizens.
  • I will vote against any bill that increases property taxes.
  • I will vote against any attempt to limit voting rights.
  • I will vote for an increase in the minimum wage.
  • I will oppose private school vouchers.
  • I will vote for a resolution calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United Decision.
  • I will vote to make our university system affordable to every New Hampshire student who is qualified to attend.
  • I will vote for a public financing option for candidates, and vote to change our laws so that PACs can contribute no more than individuals.
  • I will fight to end gerrymandering by creating a non-partisan re-districting commission.
  • I will vote for common sense gun control.
  • I will vote to repeal the death penalty.
  • I will vote for renewable energy.